Ttrak Beta V1.01 Released

TTRAK BETA V1.01 aka “TTRAKs of my tears”


  • Timer optimisation by Tat/Avena
  • Improved Note frequency accuracy by Tat/Avena
  • Better channel mute behaviour + keyboard shortcuts
  • SNDH Year atribute set to 2020
  • Octave Up block command ceiling increased

Somewhat later than expected, it’s time for an update to the TTRAK beta! I’ve been slowly hacking away at various bits and pieces - predominately working on a GUI overhaul, but that’s another story. Over the last couple of weeks though, there’s been a bit of a spike in activity, predominately driven by some awesome feedback from none other than Modmate of SMFX. You may be familiar with his incredible works of pixel art for the many awesome SMFX demo productions but did you know he’s also something of the renaissance man, working on music and god knows what else :)

Modmate has been getting stuck in to some serious TTRAK experimentation and I can’t lie, his feedback and efforts have been massively motivating to me to keep going and improving the tracker. Thanks a lot Torsten!

Modmate identified a number of odd behaviours and bugs, most of which i’ve attempted to fix. The most significant report being he identified some innacuracies in the pitch tracking of timer instruments in the very highest octaves. I took a listen and yep - in the very upper octaves, the timer based waveforms started to go awry.

Master TTRAK contributer and general don - Tat of Avena, caught mention of the bug in the bitbucket repo, and quickly identified the issue, following up with a rewrite to the timer frequency calculation code. A quick check with Mod’s example track, and yep - problem solved! Whilst Tat was amongst the code, he clocked an optimisation for the SID timer waveform routines - about 20% faster WOOOOOP!!

Chuck in some work around channel mute behaviour, and you’ve got I think an update worthy of release. Thanks Modmate, and thanks Tat!

Grab TTrak beta V1.01 here!